About bistro

We are vegan bistro in the centre of Brno. Vegetarians, vegans, vitarians and everybody who likes healthy food can have a tasty meal in our place. Every day we prepare warm food, home-made desserts and pastry.

We open at 10 o'clock in working day and at 12 o'clock on Saturday and Sunday, so you can start your day in V.bistro with coffe or tea and appetizing breakfast or snack. We offer fresh baguettes with delicious vegan cheese, home-made spreads and vegetable. You can try also pies and other pastry from our bakery Zrnko, fresh fruit or vegetable smoothies, műsli, or home made desserts.

Snídaně v bistru

For lunch you can come at 11 o'clock when we start serving our main courses – soup and two main dishes. We offer fresh vegetable salads combined of several types of vegetable, with seeds, legumes and oils. For main courses and salads we have single price – 23,90 Kč/100g. And you can have small soup for 25 Kč or big soup for 40 Kč.

Hlavní jídla

Our food is made of quality fresh ingredients, without additives and many of our dishes are gluten-free. We almost don't use sugar and regular white flour, because we rather prefer fruit syrups and wholemeal flour. You can eat your meal in our place or take it out – and you can also be ecological and have your own bowl if you want :)


If you have taste for something sweet, you will certainly choose something. Apart from delicious pastry from bakery Zrnko (which does not contain any sugar and is mostly made from wholemeal flour), you can also have gluten free or raw desserts.

From cold drinks you can enjoy fresh fruit or vegetable juices, smoothies, lemonades, citronade or mineral water. You can also choose hot coffee (with or without coffein) or tea.

Our food is prepared with care and love, because we really like what we are doing. Our dream team is – chef Markéta, and very important members are also Sylva, Katka, Káťa, Mirka and Hanka.

We look forward for your visit, see you soon :)